Volume Drop + Dry/Wet Mix + LED Mod

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In this post I want to show you a simple volume drop mod. There are some disadvantages that come with vintage pedals (like the MXR Phase 90 or the Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress):

  1. Some of them have a lower output volume or a bad buffer
  2. Most vintage pedals don’t have a dry/wet mix
  3. Almost all of them have no status LED

That is why I wanted to share this easy non-invasive trick that solves all three issues: the Boss LS-2!

If you want to compensate a volume drop set the LS-2 to ‘B BYPASS’ and turn the red knob clockwise to get more volume.

To add a dry/wet mix set the LS-2 to ‘A+B MIX BYPASS’ and add a patch cable from Send A to Return A (see picture above). Use the green knob to set the amount of the dry signal and adjust the volume with the red knob.

This way you can easily add a dry/wet mix to your vintage pedal and compensate a volume drop. The LS-2’s LED shows you whether the effect is engaged or not.

By Michael Miller

Hi there, I'm Michael (reamp labs), and I am a musician / media creative from Munich.


  1. Genius!!!
    This pedal is incredibly versatile.
    BUT…this is the best use I have seen it put so far.
    Well done, and yes it all works,
    Many thanks for sharing this, much appreciated.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I have to say, i got the LS-2 and i was very happy with the results following your advice! Now my Electric Mistress (V2 or V3 still not sure) is sounding awesome with my rig. So Thank you very much for this lil bit of info here! i look fwd to trying the dry/wet mix too..

  3. Heya! Great site. Just a note, you don’t actually have to put a patch cable from ‘Send A’ to ‘Return A’ in order to blend in your clean signal with an effected signal in the ‘A+B Mix -> Bypass’ mode. With no patch cable inserted the green knob still controls your dry signal level.

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks so much for your comment. I did not know that and will try it!

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