The First-Ever Pitch Patch Video: 4ms Ensemble Oscillator

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As covid gifted me with more free time (and reamp labs has been on hold for the past two years) I started a new Youtube channel called Pitch Patch. I will be posting videos about music-making, tutorials, reviews, and demos. To give you the most authentic experience (and like on the reamp labs videos) I use 100% raw audio. This means no preamp, no compression, and no effects.

In the first-ever Pitch Patch video, I go through all knobs and functions and show you two patch ideas.

The Ensemble Oscillator was designed by Matthias Puech and 4ms Company and is a polyphonic voice of sixteen sine-based oscillators combining additive, FM, phase-distortion, and wave folding synthesis techniques.

You can get further information about the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, the manual, and firmware updates here.

By Michael Miller

Hi there, I'm Michael (reamp labs), and I am a musician / media creative from Munich.

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