Best Fender American Vintage Telecaster?

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In this post, you can find additional info on my ‘Best Fender American Vintage Telecaster? AV 64 vs AVRI 62 Custom vs AV 52’ video.

The video is a shootout of the Fender American Vintage 64 (2012) vs an American Vintage Reissue 62 Custom (2009) vs an American Vintage 52 Telecaster (2014). I am playing through a Fender Silverface Princeton non-reverb (1977) with original 10″ Jensen (ceramic) speaker. For pedals, I am using my Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner, a Boss SD-1 (1982), and the Tube Screamer of my Ibanez UE 300 Multi-Effects. The Spring Reverb is coming from a Roland SRE-555 and the compression on the neck pickup is done by a Universal Audio LN1176 Anniversary Edition.

The Guitars: AV 64, 52, and AVRI 62

Fender AV 52 (left), AVRI 62 Custom (middle) and AV 64 Telecaster (right)

The Pedals: SD-1 and UE 300

The Amp: Silverface Princeton

Fender Silverface Princeton non-reverb (1977) with original 10″ Jensen (ceramic) speaker.

The Mics and Mic Pre(s)

Fender American Vintage Telecaster Video Mixdown

The Mixdown was done in Logic Pro X. On the Guitars I used the trusted UAD Neve 1073 Preamp Emulation, driving the Line Stage by 10 DB. I usually don’t use EQ on Shootouts and try not to mess with the signal too much. However, since the Teles can get quite bright I cut 1 dB at around 3 KHz with the Fabfilter EQ. On the Narrative I used my standard Fabfilter EQ/ Izotope Nectar 2 Combo. The Nectar is a neat little all-in-one solution with de-essing, different types of dynamics and saturation. I usually start with the “clear voiceover” preset and tweak from there. I recorded my voice with the U87i thru the UA Apollo X6 Unison Pre, since both my P1s were on duty the guitars.

The Reamp Setup

This time around I tried something a bit more fancy on the Neck PU Position: The guitars went into the P1 Preamp’s DI Input and then into the Universal Audio 1176AE limiting amplifier. This gave me a nice thick, clean sound. From the 1176 the signal went on to the Apollo X6 Interface, which I used to record and as a splitter to feed the Princeton via my reamp Box (the Radial proRMP). The setup is inspired by this video by Eric Valentine.

The Camera

“New Market Street – The Outro Song

In this video we didn’t use the usual Paul Reno Theme to close the video. You can listen to the song from the outro at: It’s an original composition of mine which dates back as far as 2010. I used the main riff for the bridge PU comparison in the Tele video. However, on the recording, I actually used my 1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard thru a Fender Champion 600 amp. I sold off that amp a few years ago. Listening back to this recording I kinda regret that.

By Paul Reno

Hi there, I'm Paul (@paulrenogram), and I am a music producer / sound designer and live in Munich.


  1. Hey man great description. Thank you for the explanation.
    What’s the song you play on minute 4?
    Sounds familiar. John Frusciante?
    Best regards.

  2. Hi Gonzalo, thank you for your comment. I only use my own compositions due to copyright reasons in my vids (“La Isla Bonita” is the exception here), but of course you are right, that one is definitely inspired by John Frusciante.

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